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Now easily add any of our 600+ built in icons to your posts and pages with our new icon shortcodes. Or if you prefer, you can even upload your own. Our Icon Shortcodes come in four colours (light, gray, dark, full colour), single icons and icon boxes (three styles available).

Icon style dark


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[icon size='small' style='dark' type='Abacus']
[icon size='small' style='dark' type='AccesDenied' ]
[icon size='small' style='dark' type='AddressBook' ]

Icon style gray


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[icon size='small' style='gray' type='Abacus']
[icon size='small' style='gray' type='AccesDenied' ]
[icon size='small' style='gray' type='AddressBook' ]

Icon style light


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[icon size='small' style='light' type='Abacus']
[icon size='small' style='light' type='AccesDenied' ]
[icon size='small' style='light' type='AddressBook' ]

Icon style full color

This set includes over 80 icons. These icons are also free for commercial use but a link to is required.

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[icon size='small' style='color' type='address_32' ]
[icon size='small' style='color' type='arrow_down_32' ]
[icon size='small' style='color' type='arrow_up_32' ]
[icon size='small' style='color' type='bag1_32' ]
[icon size='small' style='color' type='bag2_32' ]


Icons with colour badges in background

You can use any badge color in combination with any icon style and size

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[icon size='big' style='light' type='Dribbble' badge='#72AD9D']
[icon size='big' style='light' type='Admin' badge='#82789D']
[icon size='big' style='light' type='iPhone' badge='#849b71']
[icon size='big' style='light' type='MacOS' badge='#e27459']
[icon size='big' style='dark' type='AlarmClock' badge='#e0e0e0']
[icon size='big' style='color' type='piggybank_32' badge='#36B2B2']
[icon size='small' style='light' type='Dribbble' badge='#72AD9D']
[icon size='small' style='light' type='Admin' badge='#82789D']
[icon size='small' style='light' type='iPhone' badge='#849b71']
[icon size='small' style='light' type='MacOS' badge='#e27459']
[icon size='small' style='dark' type='AlarmClock' badge='#e0e0e0']
[icon size='small' style='color' type='piggybank_32' badge='#36B2B2']

The most convenient way is to insert a Icon shortcode in content is use Shortcode Generator built-in WYSIWYG editor. You do not have to remember the names of each icon. They will be automatically displayed in the select box.
You can also add your own icons. They should be in PNG format and size of 32px or 64px. Just upload them into the appropriate folder (see documentation).


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